Studio flat Misteri d'Italia

misteri_parete  The studio flat  Mysteries of Italy is on the first floor of our house from which you can see the steeple of the church of St. Francis and picturesque roofs of Urbino.

 Mysteries of ‘Italy is equipped with a kitchen and a private bathroom matching the style of the environment that we have prepared. TV and espresso machine complete the studio.

  We decided to decorate this room as a tribute to art in general, the mysteries that this encompasses. Urbino is a corner of culture in its every where, from the alleys ,the landscapes, architecture, distributed throughout the city ART ART ART in all its forms and mystery. Art Museums in the enclosed, guarded by them in the paintings. How not to be enchanted by the penetrating gaze of the suit or not to be fans watching the scourging, painted by Piero of  Francesca? Who are the players? What are the meanings of the details entered by ‘artist? Urbino offers us the chance to relive the time of Federico by Montefeltro Ideal for a defined period of life-style freedom of thought and expression.