Studio flat You and Me

you_and_me_pareteThe studio flat YOU & ME is local on the ground floor of our house onto the small private courtyard where you can admire the picturesque roofs of Urbino.

 You and Me is equipped with a kitchen and a private bathroom matching the style of the environment that we have prepared. TV and espresso machine complete the studio.

  We decided to decorate this room thinking just the white and black, the polar opposite, the contrary, the different. Who would say that opposites really do attract, opposites that they love more deeply than any other? The essence of life belongs to those who love, appreciate and value the qualities of others. Urbino holds in a certain sense the two opposites, past and present. The past enhances the capabilities of those who lived at the time of jousting, battles on horseback. Despite what has interpreted his era with a strong modernism and now in modern times, it’ sour time to take care of the past trying to conserve, enhance the best life that was.

So ideally the antipodes We all live together relegating the role of respectful observers.