Monolocale Otaska

otaksa_img The studio flat  has a private entrance OTAKSA being Androncello. From the spiral staircase you can access the private courtyard.

  Otaksa is equipped with a kitchen and a private bathroom matching the style of the environment that we have prepared. TV and espresso machine complete the studio.

  In the language of flowers the hydrangea is the intention of escaping. We have furnished this room thinking about the single common desire to escape the hustle and bustle, where everything is calculated, pre-assembled, expected and obvious. The desire to escape, leads us to relive an atmosphere far from being calculated. The air that makes us breathe the air of romance Otaksa is more classic and pure romance that goes well defined in Urbino the ideal city, not only for its exquisite architecture and sophisticated, but for the lifestyle that its construction has been able to propose and advance over time. Otaksa is a small petal that aims to restore the right balance between our ego and the most often acknowledged.